Hello all Organic Eve friends,

Today I want to share with you some thoughts about how we started Organic Eve.

When I was pregnant my first daughter, I still remembered that walking down the children’s care aisle of your local supermarket or pharmacy was an overwhelming experience for my husband and me. Many of you who are reading this might agree with us that there are so many options available today when it comes to picking the perfect product for your families. We should not complain though, actually having more selection is absolutely a good thing, right? But any choice in our life can sometimes appear to be a paralyzing paradox – putting even more responsibility in us, the decision makers, in terms of daily shopping to make a good choice for our beloved ones. Then our little tiny baby girl came, it was time for choosing products to put on her young fragile skin, the decision becomes even much harder for me. I consulted Dr Wong Chin Khoon, a consultant paediatrician at Thomson Paediatric Centre, then his advice turned out to be “If cost is not an issue, it might be worth using organic and natural products on your little one”. “Babies have not built up a strong immune system, so it’s best to minimise their contact with chemicals. A simple formula with fewer ingredients will ensure minimal contact with chemicals. It also lowers the possibility of an allergic reaction. And if it does occur, narrowing down the allergic agent will be an easier task.”, he explained. I remembered that day when I went home, I searched everywhere, and realized that somehow organic products are far incredibly expensive to us. My husband and I finally agreed that we should do something about it. And that was how we steps by steps created Organic Eve. We believe that every child, every family, and every person who lives in Singapore should be able to afford non-toxic products at a reasonable price. So you surely won’t be surprised when we say we try hard to work on better price for almost every product we have. By thoroughly selecting and handling our products, we ensure that only the best organic and natural products are offered to you.

Trust us, then it is our job to prove you have made a right choice.

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