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Woolino Merino Wool Pajama Set, 3-4 Years

Woolino Pajama Sets are made of 100% natural hypoallergenic superfine Merino wool that will keep your child safe, comfortable and dry.

Woolino pajama set (sizes)

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Made of 100% finest quality merino wool, Woolino Pajamas are the perfect addition to our baby sleep bags or sacks.  Merino wool provides powerful natural properties that makes it ideal for year-round wear, regardless of the weather.

What’s more, medical studies have shown that babies sleeping in Merino wool settle more quickly, wake and cry less, sleep longer and gain weight faster.

  • 100% Natural
    Merino wool comes from merino sheep, infused with nature’s ability to make it the perfect fiber to have against your baby’s skin.
  • Silky soft & hypoallergenic
    Although wool is sometimes thought of as scratchy, we use superfine merino wool that is supremely soft against the skin. In fact, science shows that it’s so soft it can actually help with chronic skin conditions.
  • Regulates Body Temperature
    One of merino’s key properties is the ability to keep a baby warm when it’s cold and cooler when it’s warm, so you can be assured of the perfect temperature regulation for your little one (something they struggle with until they’re older!).
  • Warming even when wet
    Nighttime accidents happen, but when merino wool gets wet it retains its warming properties. Your baby will have a comfortable night’s sleep whatever the circumstances.
  • Ease of dressing
    Features envelope neck for ease of dressing.
  • Ease of care
    Everything in the Woolino clothing collection can be machine washed and dries quickly. Merino wool also has odor control and stain resistant properties, which all helps towards our low maintenance ethos.
  • Ideal for layering
    Superbly breathable, lightweight and silky soft, a Woolino Pajamas are perfect worn on own or layered under clothing or a Woolino Sleep Bag.
  • Certifications
    Woolino clothing collection is made with Woolmark and Oeko-Tex 100 certified merino wool.

This is a pajama set including pajama top and pajama pants.


Unisex (Beige) 3-4 Yrs


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