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WaterWipes™ Soapberry Baby Wipes (60 sheets x 12 packs carton)

WaterWipes with SoapBerry is made with 99.9% Water, a drop of fruit and SoapBerry extract and nothing else. Soapberry has natural and hypoallergenic cleaning properties, making it tough on mess but kind on skin.

Number of package per box: 12
Number of wipes per package: 60
Total number of wipes per box: 720

Description / Benefits

Non-toxic, 100% baby safe.

Soapberry is a cherry-like fruit which contains saponin – a gentle natural cleanser. The berry is made up of a single, relatively large seed, which is surrounded by a layer of fruit pulp, which is where the saponin is contained.

The soapberry fruit has been used for many thousands of years as a gentle cleanser for the washing of fine silks, for hair care and personal hygiene.

Country of Origin

www.waterwipes.com, Made in Ireland

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Sensitive baby wipes

WaterWipes with Soapberry are a fresh product that contains 99.9% Water and a drop of fruit and soapberry extract. Our wipes are manufactured in Ireland and our water is sourced from pure Irish Spring Water.

Suitable For weaning and exploring babies

The natural cleansing capabilities of Soapberry make our new WaterWipes with Soapberry the perfect choice as your baby starts to explore and life can get a little messier as a result, and so a more efficient cleaning wipe is needed.

Not only are they delicate for your baby’s skin, but WaterWipes with Soapberry also give you a more efficient clean, helping you out in the stickiest of situations, to make sure a big mess is not a big problem.

That’s why WaterWipes with Soapberry is perfect for growing babies. It’s tough on mess but kind on skin.


When a baby is born, its skin is much thinner than an adult’s and needs time to develop a protective barrier from allergens. WaterWipes are a fresh product and because of this, they are suitable on new born babies’ skin.

WaterWipes can be used not only for diapering but also:

Baby’s face and hands or a quick head-to-toe wash.

– Weaning & Teething.

– Adults’ allergy prone and sensitive skin types.

– Elderly skin care.

– Pet Wipes.

– General body skin care (for camping, hiking, picnic, sports etc).

Trusted & Award-Winning Product

WaterWipes are the only baby wipes to be awarded 5 out of 5 rating by the National Eczema Association of America Seal of Acceptance and also approved by Allergy UK and Afpral (France).

WaterWipes have also won numerous awards including:

  • 2017 Family Choice Award Winner
  • 2017 Top Choice of the Year babyMaternity Magazine Award Winner
  • 2016 Babylist Best Winner
  • 2016 Mums & Tots Awards Best Wipe Winner
  • 2015 Gentle Parenting Gold Winner

Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] What’s the difference compared to WaterWipes original?

[A]  The difference between our original wipes and our Soapberry wipes is the addition of Soapberry extract – a gentle, herbal cleanser. The added benefit to our WaterWipes with Soapberry is the addition of a natural cleanser via the Soapberry extract .

It’s a more efficient cleanser, to suit the changing needs of your little one, as we understand that when your baby grows so does the mess!

[Q] Soapberry is also called soap nut. Is there an issue with nut allergies?

[A] Soapberry is a fruit that comes from the soap nut tree. Soapberry does not contain peanut or tree nut (walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio and brazil).

WaterWipes are soy-free, peanut-free, nut-free and legume-free. WaterWipes are free of any GMO’s and are safe from cross contamination.

[Q] Are WaterWipes with Soapberry safe to use on sensitive skin?

[A] WaterWipes with Soapberry are perfectly safe to use on sensitive skin. We are approved by Allergy UK as well as awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

[Q] Does Soapberry contain soap? I’ve read that soap is drying on the skin?

[A] The Soapberry fruit produces a range of natural cleansers called ‘saponins’. This property helps water to dissolve dirt and remove it from surfaces so that it can be rinsed away.

It is a natural cleanser that has been used for hundreds of years, but it is not as strong or aggressive as purpose-designed heavy duty synthetic soaps which can leave your skin dry.

[Q] Are WaterWipes flushable?

[A] No. WaterWipes are made from 20% Viscose and 80% Polyester, so only 20% of the wipe material is biodegradable. Therefore, we recommend you do not flush WaterWipes.

[Q] Do WaterWipes have an expiry date?

[A] Yes. We recommend opening within 15 months of the production date and using the pack within 1 month of opening. The production date and expiry date is printed on the back of the pack.

[Q] Can I put WaterWipes in a wipe warmer/wipe dispenser?

[A] No. We do not recommend that WaterWipes are removed from their pack and transferred to any another container, nor should the pack be over-warmed. WaterWipes are a fresh product and should be stored in a cool dry place.


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