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Mummy Pamper Organic Hamper

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Someone you know is pregnant or has already given birth! Everyone is rushing to buy things for the baby. Wait, who is buying for the mummy? Pamper the new mum with this “Mummy Pamper Hamper”! This lovingly curated hamper is all you need to bring a big smile to a new mum, as good as a big warm hug.

Mummy Pamper Hamper contains:

  • A Glass Bottle for keeping out nasty phthalates in plastic bottles from the breast milk.
  • A BPA free spa-inspired toothbrush (could be made from either recycled wood, paper or US dollars)
  • Over the top Organic Coconut Oil Toothbrush
  • Extravagen organic silk floss…oohh, I love this! That is free from teflon (unlike Oral-B floss), keeping out nasties from our precious baby.
  • Luscious non-toxic baby lotion for prenatal tummy rub or post parts pampering!
  • A big red heart shape baby hook for prams/stroller/shopping baskets
  • Flattering teething necklace for a splash of colour and those last min perk-me-up accessories
  • Spa-reminded Jasmine Mist foaming non toxic hand wash
  • Refreshing full pack of chemical free WaterWipes. Great for both pre-natal and post-natal use!


All hampers come with free courier delivery.

Dimensions 26 × 36 × 22 cm


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