How does Paraben affect my health?

Many skin care products contain a chemical preservative called paraben. A study conducted by P.D. Darbre suggests paraben can cause health problems. These health problems include skin irritation, dermatitis, low testosterone levels, damage to developing fetuses, and even skin and breast cancer. In another study British researchers found traces of paraben in the tumors of breast cancer patients. 1

Did you know that paraben is used in many lotions, shampoos, exfoliators, and other skincare products? Don’t believe it? Go read the ingredients to your lotion or shampoo. There’s a good chance paraben will be listed.

Why is paraben used in skin care products?
Skincare products will spoil when they get contaminated. In the 1950’s it was discovered that using bacteria-spoiled skin products caused severe conditions such as blindness. Contamination can occur when the product is manufactured. Most contamination occurs when a consumer opens a bottle.

Soon after this discovery it became law to put preservatives in skin care products. The well known preservatives parabens were used. Shelf life is drastically improved by combining preservatives with skincare products. It now takes years for these products to spoil even after being opened. They are still used in most skin and hair products today.

What makes paraben so dangerous?
Paraben breaks down into formaldehyde when it is in contact with the body for long periods of time. The FDA has said that formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen. This means formaldehyde might cause cancer. Parabens are known skin irritants. Prolonged use of paraben can cause itching and dermatitis.

In the Applied Toxicology 2 study researchers found that paraben acts as a weak form of estrogen. Although it may be weak, the prolonged exposure makes up for the lack of potency. Some cosmetic consumers use lotions and other paraben-containing products multiple times a day. They may be around paraben 24/7. The paraben preservatives bind with estrogen receptors. Increased estrogen levels have been linked to breast cancer and damage to fetuses.

Another study by Ph.D. Thomas Connor of the Texas-Houston School of Public Health suggests that products that aren’t in contact with skin for long periods of time should have no more than 15 parts per million of paraben. Products that are in contact with the body for long periods should have no more than 7.5 parts per million. Did you know the average lotion has approximately 10,000 parts per million of paraben?

Why haven’t parabens been eliminated?
The health hazards of paraben were not well known until recently, and the governing bodies have done little to decrease the use of parabens. Unfortunately, the other preservatives that can be used in skin care products are known to be just as dangerous. Some products may claim to be paraben-free, but they use the other formaldehyde producing chemicals like Quarternium 15 or Diazolidinyl Urea. Skincare preservatives are dangerous all across the board.

But before you give up on skincare products completely.  Introducing USANA’s self-preserving Sense Skincare Product Line.  That’s right! USANA’s new Sense skincare products do not rely on paraben for preservation. In 1992, Dr. Myron Wentz founded USANA Health Sciences for personal care, supplement, and weight management products. Dr. Myron and the USANA team strive to provide quality products that don’t compromise on quality. More importantly, the health of their consumers is important to USANA.

The USANA team quickly responded to the disturbing paraben news. They developed the first skincare product line that is “self-preserving.”; No artificial preservatives are added to a bottle of Sense skincare products to ensure your safety. USANA’s patented self-preserving formula is one of a kind. You won’t find a product quite like the Sense product line anywhere else. No one else provides the safety of chemical-preservative free skincare.

“I have finally found a product range that I can completely trust and recommend to anyone. I personally use and professionally prescribe USANA Health Sciences products for some very good reasons. Namely they perform incredibly well and they are exceptionally trustworthy products!”
– L Bannock, Ph.D.,

How does the self-preserving formula work?
The Sense product line is unique in its preservation techniques. Each product is uniquely formulated instead of using a single formula for all products. No two product’s preservation features are exactly alike. USANA felt this necessary to provide chemical-free preservation while still providing Sense’s superior skincare abilities. How do they do it?

Water availability: Bacteria need water to grow. By limiting the amount of water in each product, microorganisms struggle to spread.

Acid balance: The acidity of each product has been fine tuned to provide maximum skin care while still creating a difficult environment for bacteria to survive. Microbes can’t thrive in acidic solutions. Sense products are kept as acidic as possible while still providing quality skincare capabilities.

Careful ingredient selection: Every natural ingredient in Sense has a dual purpose of providing quality skincare while simultaneously having a preserving effect.

Manufacturing process: USANA’s products are not outsourced to other manufacturers. Sense products are made and packaged in a USANA state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure quality.

Packaging: All packages are sealed to prevent contamination until a consumer opens the product.

Most importantly, there’s USANA’s patented Liquid Crystal Technology.

What is Liquid Crystal Technology?
Liquid crystals were first developed by USANA. They serve a dual-role of preventing the growth of bacteria while delivering botanical extracts to the skin. Crystals can be uniquely formulated into specific lamellar, hexagonal, or cubic shapes to maximize the delivery of these extracts.

The synergy of all the listed processes makes Sense self-preserving. Liquid crystals would be no good without acid balance or careful ingredient selection and vice-versa. USANA has your personal safety on their mind.

Have Sense products been tested for shelf life?
Yes! USANA’s laboratory tests show that once opened, a Sense product will last about 2 years when stored in a cool dry place and closed immediately after use. USANA put the Sense line through a rigorous “Challenge Test”; before allowing it to be commercially sold.

The challenge test involves exposing a product to harmful microorganisms. The product is then observed to ensure its ability to neutralize the bacteria. In order to pass the industry standard a product must make it through a 28-day challenge test. This isn’t good enough for USANA. All USANA Sense products passed 2 sequential 28-day challenge tests before they were approved.

“I am a 45 year old radio marketing consultant and western pleasure competitor. When I am not in meetings with my clients, I am out in the elements riding my horses. As a very busy professional, I don’t have much time for skin care maintenance and that is why I love Sense;! It only takes a couple of minutes in the morning and evening for my skin to look and feel great! I also love the fresh scent of Sense; A little goes along way so Sense; saves me time and money. The best thing about Sense; is that I can order it on line as soon as my product starts getting low. I will be sharing Sense; with all my fellow equestrians!”
– C Lee, Radio Marketing Consultant/ Western Pleasure competitor Salem, Virginia

What skincare products are in the Sense line?
Sense has a variety of products, each uniquely formulated for maximum, chemical-free preservation. The lineup includes Sense Eye Nourisher: Uses botanical extracts to firm the skin around the eyes. The lightweight cream minimizes the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. It slows future signs of aging. Used every morning and evening.

Sense Hydrating Toner: Removes lingering skin residues that aren’t removed by routine cleansing. The plant extracts moisturize, tighten, and tone the skin to combat environmental effects endured from day to day life. Use every morning and evening

Sense Night Renewal: Repairs damage while you sleep. Sense Night Renewal speeds and enhances skin restoration during this period of restoration. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and helps prevent future appearance of lines and wrinkles. The moisturizing Night Renewal combats the effects the environment has on your skin with its restorative and moisturizing extracts. Used every night before you sleep.

Sense Creme Masque: Facial exfoliation won’t unclog all pores and restore vital.

nutrients. Sense Nutritious Creme Masque does what daily exfoliation can’t. It unclogs pores, provides intense moisturization, and draws impurities away from the skin. Used 2-3 times a week.

Sense Rice Bran Polisher: Dead skin cells dull your complexion and inhibit moisture absorption. Sense Rice Bran Polisher removes more dead cells than does regular exfoliation. It leavs your skin with a more youthful glow. Used 2-3 time per week.

Sense Serum Intensive: Sense Serum Intensive refines and retextures your skin. The powerful hydroxyl complexes reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. The plant extracts revitalize and brighten your skin. Used twice a day.

Every Sense Product is guaranteed by USANA to have high potency and purity. They follow the international standard for Good Manufacturing Practice.

They track their products from the verification of raw materials to final testing. From potency to purity, Sense products are guaranteed to be of high quality. Many dermatologists recommend Sense skincare products over other big-name skincare companies. Just ask Regina Hamlin, M.D. She’s been a dermatologist for over 30 years.

“For my own patients, I recommend Sense skin care products. Not only are they free from any added chemical preservatives, they combine the most advanced skin care technologies with advanced nutrition for dramatic results that I have seen again and again.”
-Regina Hamlin, M.D., Chief of Dermatology at four major hospitals in California/ and a clinical professor of medicine at UCSF Fresno.

This sounds expensive. Is it?
NO! Sense skincare products are priced competitively with other quality skincare products. You do not pay extra for the safety of the self-preserving Sense line. For a similar price, you get the skin revitalizing benefits with the safety of a chemical preservative-free product. Contact us today to be pleasantly surprised with the price you’ll pay.

“When I found out many skincare companies put chemical preservatives in their products, I immediately looked for an alternative. I found the USANA Sense products. When they said their products were free of chemical preservatives, I expected to pay a premium price. I was surprised when I found out how affordable Sense skincare products were. They worked just as good as the more expensive brands I’d used before.”
– S Lewis, Floral Designer, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Your skin endures damage every day. Taking care of it will with USANA Sense Skincare products will leave you looking younger and more confident. And you don’t have to use products loaded with chemical preservatives. USANA Sense products give you a safe alternative to paraben. Get that rejuvenated and younger looking skin. Request your free sample today, while supplies last.


1 “Concentrations of parabens in human breast tumours,” P. D. Darbre and others, Journal of Applied Toxicology, vol. 24 (2004) pages 5-13

2 Ibid

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