Radius Toothbrush Case, Standard Size

This sleek Standard Toothbrush Case for storing your RADIUS Source (and most other major brands) is the perfect solution to keep your brush stowed while you’re on the go.

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Radius Standard Toothbrush Case is designed to fit the Radius Source Toothbrush as well as most major brands of toothbrushes. Radius Travel Cases are designed for durability and safety. The locking tabs prevent contents from spilling in traveling and there are no drain holes which prevents messy leaks. Secure SnapLock tab and living hinge technology provides simple one piece case that folds closed to reduce potential breakage and lost pieces. Travel cases are available in a variety of colors, including our newest colors: Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green, Plum Purple, and Watermelon Pink. They are available in a variety of case styles including razor, toothbrush, soap, applicator tampons, non-applicator tampon, and condom. Our Travel Case is designed and manufactured in-house on low-energy machines in Kutztown PA, each product is inspected by hand and designed to last.

Radius is a family owned and operated enterprise dedicated to effective design, quality construction, and sustainable manufacturing. RADIUS is a different kind of company. We refine the objects used in your daily life: well designed, they can make life easier and add joy to a mundane task while being sensitive to our impact on the environment.

www.madebyradius.com, Made in the U.S.A.

Why Does BPA-Free Matter?

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