Radius Soap Travel Case

Designed to keep your bar of soap securely stashed away — and the rest of your luggage suds-free — our slick Soap Travel Case is an in-transit essential.

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Secure your suds

Radius Soap Travel Case is designed to keep your bar of soap securely stashed away and the rest of your luggage suds-free. This slick Soap Travel Case is an in-transit essential wherever you’re going. The Soap Travel Case utilizes patented “living hinge” technology for streamlined opening and has a snap lock for secure closure and leak prevention. Look closely, the Soap Travel Case is made from one seamless piece. It’ll last long after the lower-quality alternatives quit, but should you ever choose to dispose of it, recycling is the way to go. Store most major brands of soap, as well as other on-the-go necessities like makeup, medicine, personal grooming tools (think nail scissors and tweezers) and even cereal for mess-free storage or snacking on the go. The Soap Travel Case is BPA free and made from 50% recycled plastic. And, of course, it’s 100% recyclable, too.   

  • BPA-Free, Made in USA and Cruelty Free.
  • No Heavy Metals or Carcinogenic Substances.
  • Made from 50% Recycled Plastic and 100% Recyclable.
  • Store Most Major Brands of Soap, as well as Makeup, Medicine, or Personal Grooming.


Why Does BPA-Free Matter?
Bisphenol A (commonly referred to as BPA)-is a carbon-based synthetic compound that interferes with your hormones in a detrimental way, and is proven to be particularly damaging to the health of babies and young children. In other words, BPA isn’t something you want anywhere near your mouth, let alone your child’s. And yet it’s commonly found in hard plastics like those used to produce water bottles, food packaging and even your typical toothbrushes. Radius can assure you that their products do not contain BPA. Never have. Never will. And, on the subject of unnecessary nasties, Radius products are also free from latex, phthalate, glutens, and non-FDA-approved colors and dyes.

Carefully Crafted by an Architect to be Better by Design
The architects who designed the Radius range of toothbrushes are professional sticklers for elegant design. Their first (r)evolutionary product, the Radius Original, is now displayed at the Smithsonian Institute National Design Museum. From there, they expanded their products to encompass a range of personal care and travel essentials that combine function and beauty in just the same way.

Just like other everyday products that have “evolved” through beautiful, functional design (think Dyson vacuum cleaners and Lumbar chairs), Radius products are totally unique. Each one is devised for a specialized purpose, utilizing different materials and one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques-because refining and evolving the tools of your daily life is what they’re all about.

Radius-Green for the Right Reasons
Radius takes a holistic approach to designing and manufacturing their products, examining every step of the process-from prototyping and manufacturing to distribution and disposal-to ensure it’s rooted in sustainable decisions that reduce their carbon footprint.

www.madebyradius.com, Made in the U.S.A.

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 15.1 × 8.4 × 4.6 cm


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