Call me anal.

I might be. There are two things that I will not do in the public (or any) toilet. One in particular  if I’m baby wearing (or not!).

Reaching out to the Soap Dispenser?

Germs! That’s what you are thinking now. After you are done with your business, you proceed to wash your hand in the bathroom. I’m with a baby, I better wash my hands clean. You reached out to the soap dispenser….Nooooo……Do you know that the soap dispenser is a giant mold and germ galaxy? Most soap containers are NEVER washed or replaced. Visiting a mall that’s 5 years’ old? That’s probably how long the soap container was ever replaced! Whenever the soap runs low, it’s someone’s KPI to refill it. Day in day out. You are probably better off washing your hands with water and spray some natural disinfectant on them.

We haven’t event touched on the chemicals in the soap dispenser. The carcinogenic chemicals and hormones discruptors, and probaby one of the most famous of all, tricosan, which is carcinogenic, disrupts hormonal balance and also impairs heart muscle function. You can read more here.   Or google it. Apart for some mega bugs, I will actually choose bacteria over autoimmune disease causing chemicals.

Don’t believe me? Check this out from one of the many articles here and here.

“In fact, some of the soap they tested contained so much fecal matter that you’re almost better off washing your hands in the toilet after you flush it, said Charles P. Gerba, professor of microbiology of University of Arizona’s Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the States have also issued guidelines:

“Do not add soap to a partially empty soap dispenser. This practice of ‘topping off’ dispensers can lead to bacterial contamination of soap.”

#1 Thing that I will not do in the bathroom/toilet?

I have a friend who is probably more anal than me. She is super terrified of germs, sterilised everything that the baby uses, kitchen appliances, etc. She even constantly “heat up” clothing in the dryer to kill germs and bugs. Her baby contracted salmonella and she contracted it herself after. It puzzled her that they contracted this disease that is mostly caused by eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated by fecal matters. If only I told her the following earlier, which is the #1 thing that I will not do in the bathroom!

Flush the toilet with the LID UP! Yeap, that’s the #1 thing that I will not do in the toilet. I have this habit for a decade now. Do you know that thousands of bacteria-carrying droplets from the toilet bowl are being sprayed all over you AND YOUR BABY when you flush with the lid up? Talking about an aerosol spray of remnants poop particles and germs! Doing a side twist when you flush, it doesn’t matter. The spray is on and it can reach 6 ft across. Thousands of droplets of “toilet water” being sprayed on your baby carrier, the handle that the baby chews on, your baby’s face, his/her fingers, the teether toy that you hang on your carrier, eeeww!

Please, just don’t.

Flushing the toilet bowl with the lid up is just plain gross! This is not new, this was first discovered in 1975 by microbiologic Charles Gerba in a research article in the journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology. “There is a possibility that a person might acquire an infection from an aerosol produced by a toilet”. I will stop here. Watch the spray in the Youtube video below or another funny one here. (MUST WATCH!)

So, please do not use the soap dispenser and flush the public (or any) toilet with the lid up, especially if you are babywearing. My poor baby! Just put the lid down before you flush. And with that, please avoid using the toilet paper too, which have been sprayed on.  BYO paper. In summary, protect your baby!


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