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Detox and Parasite Cleanse!

July 18th, 2012 Posted by Cleansing & Detox 5 comments

Detox & Parasite Cleanse: The Search for the Best in the Market

In my usual research vigour, I kick started my research on parasite cleanse again, yet again in the past few years!

Why did it take so long?

If you have tried googling ‘Parasite Cleanse’, there are tons of brands and formula out there. Plus I’m super particular of products that I consumed or apply on my body. I’m a serious skeptical health freak in this instance!

A lot of products came in tablets or liquid form and I’m not really sure what goes into it. Are the ingredients they use organic or even properly cleaned before packaging? Are the products going to do more harm than good? It’s hard to find a product when I don’t have a concrete list of criteria.

I read some research done by the respected naturopath Dr. Hulda Clark. From Wikipedia, “Clark claimed that all human disease was related to parasitic infection and also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS, by destroying these parasites by “zapping” them with electrical devices which she marketed.” Oh well, sounds like the bioresonance tests that I have done. Anyway, she claims that parasite cleanse should include the following 3 key ingredients:

  1. Black Walnut Hulls (from the black walnut tree)
  2. Wormwood (from the Artemisia Shrub)
  3. Common Clove (from the clove tree)

Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of parasite. Cloves kills the eggs, that is why all three must be used together in a single treatment to eradicate parasites.  Most pharmaceutical drugs kill the adults, but not the eggs, which will be left in your body to develop into adults and lay more eggs. The cycle just never ends!

There are several products in the market that provide rather ‘gruesome’ pictures on their websites, monstrous green slimy stuff! I don’t know if that really came out from their customers’ bodies or just simply the ‘cleanse mixture’ transiting through the digestive systems and reappearing as the green slimy stuff. Meaning, what came out is what went in — the ‘dirty gut’ is still not clean! (hey, it rhymes!)There is simply too much hype in the market and consumer money is pouring in. I avoided these products.

Senna is one product to be avoided in your cleanse, as it is a laxative used to irritate the colon to alleviate constipation. It sure sounds habit forming and I do not want that in my cleanse.

Finally I short listed a few cleansing kits out of dozens: (Not in any particular order.)


As I look closer, I eliminated Blessed Herbs as it contains the controversial bentonite clay in their ‘Toxin Absorber’. Bentonite Clay is made up of 20% aluminium. It is controversial if the aluminium could be absorbed by the body during the cleanse. However, since I have a choice, I would choose to avoid that. I want to rid my body of metals not to introduce them!

I eliminated Nature’s Secret because its ‘Parastoy’ contains gelatine. I’m a full vegetarian, so that’s out.

Final round: Ejuva, PBIV and Renew Life (ParaGone) and are all serious contenders.

PBIV looks promising but contains added ingredients or fillers (e.g., silicon dioxide or silica.)  Stearic acid, one of the added ingredients could be from animal source, which for me is a big concern. And there are other health concerns that stearic acid and magnesium stearate (both by-product of hydrogenated oils) might not be safe for consumption. According to this article, it is highly toxic for consumption, even though 90% of supplements contain them in order to lubricate pills for increased pill production. Check your supplements just to be sure!

Renew Life’s total body cleanse has 100% organic products & fibre and it is 100% vegetarian.  It also has a lot of great reviews online. However, it does not have supplementary probiotic products in their cleanse. You have to buy them separately on their website. So KIV on this.

What stood out in the end is Ejuva detox and parasite cleanse. I cannot find any negative complains about it online, except that it is a bit pricey. What I found about Ejuva is that:

It is 100% organic or wild crafted whenever possible.

It is 100% vegan and raw.

It does not contain bentonite clay. And I do buy their theory that cleansing cannot be done over just a few day or a week as our body just simply cannot take the onslaught of toxins. Their program takes one month. I also like that they have integrated both the cleansing kit and the parasite cleanse. The products are also free from fillers, synthetic flow agents, not sterilized or gassed.

So finally, after years of on-and-off research I got the Ejuva Cleansing Kit (body detox) together with the Para Nix Kit (Parasite cleanse) for myself and Peter. Can’t wait for the products to arrive in Singapore for us to start the cleanse!



War Against Parasites!

July 3rd, 2012 Posted by Cleansing & Detox 3 comments

Parasites Living in You!

Parasite? Yhew! Where?

“Inside your body. “

“No way not me! I live in a developed country, I’m hygenic…. and not to mention extremely healthy!”

Oh yeah? You could be the lucky 5 to 10% of the population who are not affected by parasite.  Taking the United States as an example, tons of literature online and many doctors have said that up to 90% of the Americans have parasites in their bodies. Try googling it and be overwhelmed.

I know I have parasites in my body. Continuing my previous post on my parasite problem:

I did another comprehensive health checkup (physical) early this year. My ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) was noted to be elevated. What’s an ESR? It is a common blood test that is used to detect and monitor inflammation in the body.  My rate was 75% higher than the healthy maximum. Great, not again.

I have been searching for a parasite cleanse for the past few years.  However, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information and universe array of products available in the market. Not a good excuse for taking no action. But that did put me into the no-action, wait-and-see mode.

I start my research again with renewed vigour after my checkup. The more I read about the symptoms of parasitic infections, the more I’m certain that I’m still plagued by parasites, at least the same one that I was diagnosed with 5 years ago.

From my research, I have gathered several health symptoms I have experienced that could possibly be caused by parasitic infection:

1. Grinding of teeth (Bruxism) at night: Body’s reaction to the toxic produced by the parasites

2. Occasional bout of diarrhea for no apparent reason: Certain parasites, primarily protozoa, produce a prostaglandin (hormonelike substances found in various human tissues) which create a sodium and chloride loss that leads to frequent watery stools.

3. Yellowish or whitish coating on tongue.

4. Dark spots on face (premie facie called liver spots, age spots or lentigoes) and several smaller ones on my body: Dr Clark, a doctor famous on her research on parasite, believes that these dark spots are cause by parasite fluke. (Dr Clark goes as far as saying parasite infection is the root of all cancers.)

5. Spider viens on my legs.

6. Water retention, particularly on my legs.

7. Occasional sinus issues (allergies). The toxic created by the parasite can activate your body immunity to produce eosinophils (white blood cells) or immunoglobulin (antibodies) which could cause inflammation in body tissues that results in allergic reactions.

8. Occasional muscle aches for no apparent reason

9. Red spots on my body that appear and disappear for no apparent reasons

10. Huge appetite for my frame and weight, aka “bottomless pit”. (My BMI is 19.8)

11. Undigested food in stool

12. Consistently low red blood cell (My number is 3.6 versus normal referance range of 3.9 – 5.6 10^12/L)

13. Consistently low Haemotocrit PCV (Mine is 33.9 versus normal reference range of 37 – 47%). This measures the volume percentage (%) of red blood cells in blood.

14. Consistently High ESR  (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) (Mine is 35 versus 0-20 mm/hr). The sedimentation rate increases with more inflammation. Also commonly called the sed rate.

Others potential symptoms, which I don’t have or minimal, includes, but not limited to:

1.  Constipation:  Apparently, certain worms/parasites can physically block the intestinal tract.

2. Gas and Bloating: Some parasites live in the upper small intestine where the inflammation they produce causes both gas and bloating.

3. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Parasites can irritate inflame the intestinal cell wall, leading to a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms and malabsorption of vital nutriens, particularly fatty substances. This malabsorption leads to bulky stools and steatorrhea (excess fat in feces).

4. Anaemia: Some parasites attach themselves to the intestines mucosal lining and leach nutrients from the host. In certain cases, these parasite can create enough blood loss to cause a type of iron deficiency.

5.  Skin problems, like rashes, eczema, hives and other allergic-type skin reactions..

6.  Granulomas: They are tumor like growth that encase parasitic eggs.

7. Chronic fatigue: Including inability to concentrate, flu-like symtoms, foggy thinking.  Parasites could cause these physical symptoms through malnutrition of the host.

8. Sleep disturbance. It is believed that multiple awakening during the night could possibly be caused by the body’s attempts to elimiate toxic wastes via the liver. Sleep disturbances could also cbe aused by nocturnal exits of certain parasites through the anus, creating the intense discomfort and itching.

9. Bad Health: Parasites can cause these symptoms by absorbing the nutrients in your food and leaving you malnutrition and aceptible to infection and degeneration diseases (including cancer).  In fact, several alternative health practioners, believes that parasitic infection is the root of all illnesses.

Before I turned vegetarian 5 years ago, I consumed sashimi, rare to medium rare beef, blood cookles, raw cured crabs, snails and jelly fish…you name it.  And of course, after I become vegetarian, one of my staples is salad, which could be a hiding place for worms and parasitic larvae as well.

Ok, with all these overwhelming evidence, I really do not want to wait another 5 years before embanking on a parasite cleanse.

I continue to look for a solution. Check this space as I update my research on parasitc cleansers.

Out of the 25 symptoms listed above, how many do you have?