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Ejuva Cleanse Review Singapore Week 4

Ejuva Cleanse Review: Final Week! (Results & Tips!)

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Ejuva Cleanse Review in Phase/Week 4

It’s my last week on the Ejuva Cleanse. A full week of juicing in Week 4 with no solid meals at all! I’m shock by the stuff that came out from my body drinking just pure raw juices!

Day 24 = Day 1 of phase 4!

We started the day with 7 kg of organic apples, watermelon, papaya, pineapple and oranges and the Ejuva Cleanse kit sprawling on my kitchen top! Complete no cooking and no meals for week 4! It’s my first attempt on 100% liquid and raw diet.

Ejuva Cleanse Kit on my Kitchen Stove. No cooking in week 4!

Ejuva Cleanse Kit on my Kitchen Stove. No cooking in week 4!

I went to bathroom 6 times today. All were fluffy clouds, kind of like wasabi from a tube. The first one was a bit foamy with air bubbles (literally). Two big trips, 1 average and 3 small ones.

No nose drip today.  I felt that my stomach is churning all the time. What’s that? Is there a war within?

The irritating nose drip started again at night and I once again felt a bit feverish in the evening.

I received a text message that another fellow “cleanser” was feeling quite hungry. I asked her to juice more. I guess she might be eating high GI food and not juicing enough.

I realized that my increased dosage of power and balance may not last me until the last day of the cleanse. I will have to decrease my dosage from 5 to 4 tablets for the next few days. Not to forgot that I need at least 5 tablets for post-cleanse day 1 and 2.

Day 25 = Day 2 of phase 4!

I walked about 2 miles and started the five tibetian rites again. As I read from the manual, exercise is very crutial during this phase.

I went to the bathroom twice in the morning, giant ones!  I saw small raisin kinds of bits, some literally looked like grape skin? Darker color output. Probably doing the five rites help!

Adam commented that whenever he consumed Para Mia (part of the Ejuva Parasite Cleanse), his nose will start to drip, almost immediately. Coincidence?

We read that we cannot mix acidic juice with sweet juice. I finally found a website that explains it clearly with easy to follow diagrams. Below is one excerpt of the diagrams. For the definitions and more useful diagrams, go to their website here ( So now I know I should never mix watermelon with any other fruits!

Juicers, take note! What kind of juices can be combined?

Juicers, take note! What kind of juices can be combined?  (From

Ejuva Cleanse: Juice Combine Diagram

Juice Combine Diagram from

I went to the bathroom the third time with dual-colored output and darkish semi-liquid “stuff”! It looks like I have a sea urchin in my toilet bowl! Gross!

A Real Sea Urchin! Got the idea?

A Real Sea Urchin! Got the idea?


The output at the forth trip was liquidy and a bit foamy with goji-berries-look-a-like stuff that also resembled papaya bits.

The output for the fifth trip was dark colored liquidy stuff. I decided to reduce my Renew intake from 3 to 2 tablets tomorrow. (For a cheat sheet guide to adjust the herbal tablets intake, please refer to my week 2 cleanse review.)

Day 26 = Day 3 of phase 4!

We walked a mile and did our five rites, getting the blood circulating!

I went to the bathroom twice, not much output. I feel energenic in the morning but sleepy and feeling a bit weak in the afternoon.

We tried the dragon fruit juice today. The color is a funky red but it taste so much better than beetroot! 🙂 It’s great that Dragon fruit is easily available in Singapore!

Funky Dragon Fruit Drink!

Funky Dragon Fruit Drink!

I went to the bathroom for the 3rd time in the evening and the output is substantial! It looks like a mixture of papaya and dragon fruit juice coming through!

Day 27 = Day 4 of phase 4!

The itchy nose continues.

I went to the bathroom twice in the morning. More dragon fruit came through. It actually looks like raspery jam! The ‘funky color’ lives on!

I noted that my jaw is less sore in the morning.  I have serious brutism, which is one of the symptoms of parasitic infection. I used to wake up with sore jaws in the morning. (Read my previous post on my other symptoms)

Am I not grinding my teeth as much? I also felt that my tongue is very dry when I wake up in the morning. Could it be attributed to less grinding too? Adam mentioned that he heard me grind my teeth a week ago but the grinding was much less severe and vigorious.

We went to the Botanical Gardens with some friends in the morning. My nose was constantly dripping! I was so tired just after 2 hours in the park. Could it be the sun or dehydration? I was totally lethargic, and probably the worst I have felt since on I was on the cleanse! I realized that I’m into my second last day of the parasite cleanse. Maybe it’s the reaction to the parasites die-off? On the way back, I felt that I’m going to come down with a flu.

I had several small sessions in the bathroom during the day. Had a humongous session at night around 730pm! Multi-colour with of shades raspberry and dark browns. I saw the alleged “worms” again, that look like muscus streaks or tendon looking things!  (See “ascaris roundworms” in my week 3 review.) It felt that you are giving birth to …… You get what I mean.

I took a 2 hour nap and felt much better.

I don’t think anyone can do this cleanse, you have to be serious committed in wanting to do a cleanse and a system overhaul!

I had another weird session at night. Multi-colored with different shades of browns. It’s the mucus streaks and tendon-looking things again. The new addition looked like clusters of beige sago or couscous? And there were also pieces of flat rice or barley-looking stuff. And there were little bits that looked like sesame seeds . There were also pieces of “undried tomatoes” or “flatten goji berries ”.  I don’t know if these were undigested food or the liver flukes as what some people claim online! (WARNING: see the liver flukes pictures I found online.)

Day 28 = Day 5 of phase 4!

I felt pretty energetic in the morning, as if I have slept forever. Could it be the nap yesterday?

I felt a bit tired around noon time. My nose is still dripping but not as much as before!

I’m seeing less of both rice-looking thingy and “couscous” in the output. Am I done cleansing or not all the parasites have reacted to the cleanse? I felt much better than yesterday. I surfed the Internet for more picture of the cleanse “output”. My conclusion: I definitely have killed some parasites!

Today is officially our last day of parasite cleanse. But from the “exodus” of parasites-looking carcasses, I think I will continue until the products run out, as advised in Ejuva manual.

I drank some dragon fruit juice at 5:30pm and saw it coming out at 7:30pm. By 10pm, the last batch is out! 4.5 hours should be a good transit time for a cleaned system?

Day 29= Day 6 of phase 4!

I woke up in the middle of the night with rapid heartbeats. I think the rate is probably in the 90s. Very strange.

I went to the bathroom 6 to 7 times today. I lost count. It’s not diarrhea but real stuff. I have not seen more undigested food or worm-carcass-looking things. I do still have some mucus bit and some foamy stuff coming out. These were mostly floaty output. It’s really amazing how much junk I have inside of me after 6 days of just fruit and vegetable juice!

I had my last scoop of citrus enhance (part of the parasite cleanse), which lasted me exactly 15 days. I’m almost done with moflora. In fact, I’m almost running of all products (Power, Balance, Combi), except for Renew. Adam has more left over than me. He is also not going to the bathroom as much as me. Could it be because he consumed less tablets than me?

Peter noticed that his face is somewhat brighter/fairer? Even his sun patch has faded significantly.

We tried the carrot, cucumber and apple drinks as in the suggested recipe and they were yummy!

Day 30 = Day 7 of phase 4!

Final weigh-in: I lost about 3.5kg, that almost 8 pounds. Adam lost  6kg (13 pounds)! My stomach is visibly flatten and I also noticed that I have less cellulite at the back of my thighs.

Our last day was not so eventful. I went to the bathroom about 4 times. The last one was a bit floaty and foamy. I felt a bit feverish again in the morning. I went for a whole body deep tissue massage.

Cleanse Review: Are these toxins?

Cleanse Review: Are these toxins?

The masseuse mentioned about water retention on my waist, thighs and calves. I had a hot mask on my back. Water started to seep out.  That is weird, or it is just sweat? Anyway, she uses traditional Chinese massage method and my waist just look badly bruised. From her point of view, toxins were surging out from my skin! What we do for the name of detoxification!

Tips for a Successful Ejuva Cleanse

  1. Get a Cleansing Buddy! It’s much easier to do the cleanse as a team. And you do not want to see your partner slurping off the spaghetti off the plater while you are enjoying the cup of fruit juice! If you are doing this cleanse alone, find a partner on Organic Eve!
  2. Juice, don’t blend. Make sure that you are drinking pure juice with as little pulp as possible. All the pulp of the fruits/vegetables are retained when you blend instead of juice. Remember that your body will always choose digestion over cleansing. Do not let your cleansing come to a halt by drinking too much pulp. In fact, I did a “double filter” after I juice just to minimize the pulp.

    Ejuva Cleanse Review: Filtering off the pulp!

    Ejuva Cleanse Review: We found our juice too pulpy and decided to filter off the pulp!

  3. Get a good juicer (preferably a cold press/slow juicer)
  4. Make sure you have juice in your hand to sip at all times! I cannot over emphasize this. One of the biggest mistakes to make on the cleanse is to not constantly sip on juices. Remember, you are cleansing not fasting! Once your body goes into the fasting mode, you will try to abort the cleanse at the first opportunity!

Post Cleansing

I overate on the first day (the first day of solid food after 7 days).  Even though I ate just pure raw salad for both lunch and dinner. I think I act too much. Felt really stuffy when I went to bed. I felt much better when I woke up.

I still have some foamy fizzy stuff in post-cleanse day 1, it is probably in its last leg. I actually don’t think I’m done. I will do the cleanse again in 6 to 9 months time and probably every year after that for system maintence or tune up

It is interesting how the output was dramatically reduced when I started on solid foods. I go to bathroom 2 times now (back to normal) instead of the 5 to 6 times during phase 4. It is indeed counter intuitive, but like what I read before in Arnold Ehret’s “Muscusless Diet Healing System”, the average person carries with him, 5 to 10 pounds of decayed feces. Ok, maybe I should do my next cleanse sooner …..

Cheers to good health!

Update 3 months after Cleanse

Both me and Adam gained 1 pound each and managed to keep off most of the weight loss. Of course, weight loss was not our main objective on the cleanse but it is a good by product! And we both kept our flatter stomachs! Our bruxism seemed to have stop completely! Oh my oh my, did we just prove that bruxism is toxic/parasite-driven and not emotional? We increased our intake of raw food in the weeks following the cleanse. Your body seems to know what to crave and what’s good for you I guess!

Ejuva Cleanse Review: Salad lunch post cleanse!

Ejuva Cleanse Review: Salad lunch post cleanse!


Why do I……?

Why do I pick Ejuva Cleanse over so many cleanse kits in the market? Read  “Parasite Cleanse & Detox”.

Why do I decide to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!” 

Do you have parasites in your body? Find out if you have any of the symptoms in “War against Parasites”.

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Ejuva Cleanse Review Singapore Week 3

Ejuva Cleanse Review: Week 3! “Are these parasites?”

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Ejuva Cleanse Review: Phase/Week 3!

In week 3 on the Ejuva cleanse, we could only have one meal – I chose lunch! We will be replacing both breakfast and dinner with cleanse dosages (tablets and shake). Read on about my cleansing reactions and more weird findings in the bathroom!

Ejuva Cleanse: Lunch during the cleanse!

Ejuva Cleanse: Home made lunch during the cleanse!

I also started Para Nix (Ejuva’s Parasite Cleanse), the 2 weeks homeopathic and liquid herb cleanse that destroys most types of parasites including their eggs. It complements the Ejuva Cleanse and falls nicely into its 3rd and 4th week.

Day 16: Day 2 of Phase 3

This is the first day we felt that we are seriously constipated. I went to the bathroom two times this morning, Adam went just once. And that’s it! That is pretty much the least output we had since the beginning of the cleanse. If you have been following our cleanse diary, you would know that we visited the bathroom 4 to 5 times every day during the first 2 weeks of the Ejuva cleanse.

Were we dehydrated or did we do something wrong. I missed applying Vibram (pure plant oils) today. Could it be the culprit?

Adam felt extremely tired, he even have difficulty concentrating. I was tired in the morning and actually overslept by 2 hours, but I was an energizer bunny for the rest of the day.

Day 17: Day 3 of Phase 3

We felt constipated still. Dehydrated. We went out to buy a slow (cold press) juicer. (finally, after a few months of research!) We started to mix apple juice with combi, rather than just water. That did the trick. We felt like an energizer bunny again. Nothing much came out. Twice in the morning. One small one at night. Output is braided, sort of like chinese candy or sweet bread.

We are very excited about juicing and started to stock up several pounds of organic apples and other fresh fruits.  Luckily we live in Singapore where fresh fruits are in abundance. However, organic fruits are hard to find and expensive! We managed to buy a few pounds of organic New Zealand apples on sale in NTUC for $4 a kg (2.2 pounds), that’s a steal!

Ejuva Cleanse: Fruits

Ejuva Cleanse: Organic Apples and other fresh fruits for juicing!

Ejuva Cleanse: Juicing continues...

Ejuva Cleanse: Juicing continues…

Day 18: Day 4 of Phase 3

A friend asked me last night if I had any healing reactions. I think I didn’t have any, except for the occasional burst of energy. Re-reading the instructions again, I increased all my dosages to the maximum to 3-5-5 for the herbal tablets and 3 scoops for combi for better cleansing.

I had normal output in the morning, the second time was the fluffy cloud which has disappeared for so long! And the third time was just normal stuff with fiber sticking out

We ran out of organic apples, so we started juicing guava and star fruit for the combi mix. For the “dinner juice cup”, we added lemon. We basically juice out what we have in the fridge. Time to stock up!

By evening time, I have a mild headache. It’s not too serious but noticeable. By night time, I have developed a slight fever. Are these cleansing reactions?

Day 19: Day 5 of Phase 3

Adam is able to go to the bathroom again after increasing his water and juice intake. He also felt more energetic though he is still tired in the evening.

I went to the bathroom 4 times, all output were in awkard shapes. I was expecting to see long stringy ones as “muciod plague” that I saw online. But I guess this is it! The awkard shape ones had to be the muciod plague, different colours, braided and sometimes with “springy” things around them. There were also pebble-like-segments which looked like they have been cast in “intestinal moulds”. I also saw dark little rice thingy, like undigest red rice. The last output was multi-coloured, brown, light brown and beige (surprise)!

I started googling pictures of cleanse “output” online and realized that I have the same kind of output as those who claimed that these “weird findings” were worms, liver flukes, tape worm segment, etc! So there you go

I’m tolerating the increase dosage quite well so far. No serious healing reaction.

We ran out of organic apples again and went out to stock up with a wider variety of fruits and vegetables.

 Day 20: Day 6 of Phase 3

Today is a mess-up day. I went out for lunch with a friend without taking my afternoon dosage. I ended up buying 3 cups of juices in the afternoon. I started my second dosage only at 8pm and third dosage at 9:45pm! I felt a bit weak and light headed in the evening time. Probably, I had too many tablets in just a few hours.

I have to remind myself that I cannot have any drink except for water and juice.

Went to bathroom 3 times today.

Day 21:  Day 7 of Phase 3

Somehow I noticed that my occasional nose dripping is clearing up!  However, I also noticed a thick white coating on my tongue. It definitely does not look normal. Is that my body’s way of expelling toxins?

I went out for dinner with family. Yes, I remember I’m not supposed to eat dinner. I drank only sparkling water.

Even though my nose drip is clearing up, I felt that my nose is extremely itchy. Could it be caused by parasites trying to escape? I know I know, my imagination is running wild…but it is a possibility right?

Woke up at 1am to pee, just like the last 2 days. Decided to extend phase 3 for another week due to Adam’s cleansing reactions.

Day 22: Day 8 of Phase 3

Felt somehow constipated. Drank a lot more water. We accidently drank black tea during lunch! Opps, I know we are not supposed to.

Went to the bathroom in the evening and noted a lot of muscusy and stringy stuff. They looked like chicken tendons or some tendon like things. Might be undigested food, fiber or ascaris roundworms??

I’m not sure if I have enough tablets so I decided to extend phase 3 for only 2 more days and start Phase 4 after 9 days of phase 3.

Day 23: Day 9 of Phase 3

Noticed the white coating on my tongue came back! Went to the bathroom 3 times. All different textures. First was more formed and solid, sinked. Second was softer and multi-coloured, sink. Third was floating fluffy cloud. Felt feverish again. I think I’m running a slight fever. We ran out of organic apples. So we decided to try conventionally grown apples, pears, pineapple and water melons. We ended up spending a lot of time cleaning and juicing fruits!

The itch in the nose continued and the nose drip came back at a vengence and became worse at the end of the day!

Am I hungry eating just one meal a day? Surprisingly not. I guess the Ejuva Cleanse Manual is right, the secret of success in the cleanse is to have a cup of juice constantly at your hand and sip it around the clock! I’m glad I adhere to it. A golden tip from me? Get a “Cleansing Buddy”!

One last week on the Ejuva cleanse!

Ejuva Cleanse Tip: Have a constant supply of juices in your fridge!

Ejuva Cleanse Tip: Have a constant supply of juices in your fridge!

Ejuva Cleanse Tip: Get a Cleansing Buddy!

Another Cheers to my Cleansing Buddy!

Why do I……?

Why do I pick Ejuva Cleanse over so many cleanse kits in the market? Read  “Parasite Cleanse & Detox”.

Why do I decide to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!” 

Do you have parasites in your body? Find out if you have any of the symptoms in “War against Parasites”.

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Ejuva Cleanse Review Singapore Week 2

Ejuva Cleanse Review: Week 2!

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Ejuva Cleanse Review in Phase/Week 2!

It’s my second week on the Ejuva Cleanse, I started to have bouts of increased energy, even odd occurrences of both diarrhea and constipation!

Week 1 was easy as I still get to eat my regular 3 meals plus one cleanse dosage (of 10 to 12 tables and 1 shake). In Week 2, I replaced 1 meal (breakfast) with 1 cleanse dosage. Hence, 2 regular meals (lunch and dinner) plus 2 cleanse dosages in week 2.

On day 9 of the cleanse, I woke up in the middle of the night after just 2 to 3 hours of sleep, feeling refreshed and ready to start the day! It was hard to get back to sleep after that.  Adam had the same experience; he woke up at 4 am and felt totally rested.  He also realized that he does not smell as bad when he perspires. Perhaps less toxins in his system?

I needed to use the bathroom 5 times a day in the beginning of week 2. Stuff that came out looked like fluffy clouds and rubbery dark brown/beige pieces that resembled grape skin. The quantity is more than usual.

I began to feel constipated in towards the end of Week 2. I reminded myself that I need to drink the minimum 2 litres during the cleanse.  According to the Ejuva Cleanse manual, if you are experiencing diarrhea or constipation, you adjust the numbers of tablets and shake (combi). I summarized the information into the table below:













I decreased “Combi” to 2 scoops (from 2.5 scoop), increased “Power” from 4 to 5 tablets and “Renew” from 2 to 3 tablets. The herbal tablets increase the “cleansing and detoxification power”, while the combi shake builds bulk in your system.

Weirdly, like a pandulum, I started to have diarhhea from feeling constipated a day before. Again, dark colour stuff with small flatten “rice thingy” came out, just like in my week 1. Feeling dehydrated, I increase my water intake further.

Cleansing and detoxification continues in Phase 3/Week 3!

Why do I……?

Why do I pick Ejuva Cleanse over so many cleanse kits in the market? Read  “Parasite Cleanse & Detox”.

Why do I decided to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!” 

Do you have parasites in your body? Find out if you have any of the symptoms in “War against Parasites”.

Organic Eve’s Ejuva Cleanse Review: Week 1

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Organic Eve’s Ejuva Cleanse Review: Week 4


Ejuva Review Singapore Week 1

Detox Cleanse Review: My First Week on the Ejuva Cleanse!

November 16th, 2012 Posted by Cleansing & Detox, Health 1 comment

Ejuva Cleanse Review – Phase/Week 1:

Finally back to Singapore!  We are so excited to start the Ejuva cleanse after 2 weeks in China with super greasy food! I could feel the bloating in my stomach and I really can’t wait to clean our systems!

I read through enough of the ejuva manual (40 plus pages!) to get me started. I realized that it is very important that you read the manual before you start the cleanse (Or at least try to complete it in your first week). It contains some important to-dos and not to dos during the cleanse.

What’s in the Ejuva Cleanse Kit and Parasite Cleanse?

The ejuva cleanse kit (4 weeks) is made up of:

* 3 tins with herbal tablets (Renew, Power & Balance)

* 1 bottle of shake (Combi)

* 1 bottle of probiotics (Moflora)

* 1 bottle of pure plant oil and essence (Vibram)

The herbal tablets consist of over 90 European, Chinese and Indian herbs. The Combi share is made up of Pysilium husk, Slippery Elm, Flax seed and Chia seed.

The separately available Para Nix is a 2 weeks parasite cleanse. It is a homeopathic and liquid herb cleanse that destroys most types of parasites including their eggs. It is made up of:

* 1 drop-bottle of Para Mia

 * 1 drop-bottle of Para Go

* 1 bottle of powered citrus enhanced

* 1 bottle of probiotics (Moflora)

I will consume the herbs and probiotics (cleansing kit) over 4 weeks, starting from phase 1 to 4. The parasite cleanse can be used with or without the cleansing kit. The Ejuva cleanse kit is recommended to be used together with the parasite cleanse as the cleanse kit will weaken the parasites for easier subsequent eradication by Para Nix! The Art of War!

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in 3 tins, Balance, Power & Renew

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in 3 tins, Balance, Power & Renew

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in one sitting

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in one sitting

Ejuva Cleanse: Shake containing flax seeds, wildcrafted Psyllium seed husk powder, slippery elm powder and Chia seeds

Ejuva Cleanse: Shake containing flax seeds, wildcrafted Psyllium seed husk powder, slippery elm powder and Chia seeds

Ejuva Cleanse: Probiotic (Moflora) to be added to the shake
Ejuva Cleanse: Probiotic (Moflora) to be added to the shake

Weird Fishy Leak

We eat as per normal in Phase 1, that is, 3 or whatever number of meals you eat normally.

Day 1 was interesting. I had a fishy jelly-like discharge 4 hours after I took my first dose of the herbal tablets. I started with 2 Renew, 4 Power and 4 Balance tables and 2 level scoops of Combi with 3 level scoops of Moflora (the recommended dosage). That is so weird!  It smelled like sardines even though I have not eaten fish for like 5 years! Never mind, it could just be my body reacting the sudden inflow of goodness!

I googled the symptoms and realized like it could also be a sign of internal parasitic infection in the digestive tract or (even Giardiasis!). But seriously, barely half a day of consuming the cleansing herbs?

During my reserach, I found out that there are many copy cat websites that copy good information from other websites and sell products on their own website that are not healthy and even harmful to our bodies.

I went to the bathroom 3 times today. My normal cycle before the cleanse was 2 to 3 times a day.

For omnivorous, try to reduce your meat intake and up vegetables and fruits. As a vegetarian, I try to limit to steam vegetables to not over burden the digestive system. For liquids, I only drink water or fruit juice. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water to facilitate the cleanse. No tea and coffee for me. I’m determined not to sabotage the cleanse!

We have reverted back to our usual diet of brown rice with steamed vegetables and tofu since we came back from our China Trip. All our good old brown rice! Hopefully, it will aid in the cleanse!

On day 2 of the cleanse, I started to witness ‘multi-colored braided stuff’ in the bathroom! Is this what they described as mucloid plague? But not on the second day for sure. I guess it’s just some ‘lost-in-transit’ items that finally saw daylight!

On day 3, I went to the bathroom 4 times. I started to have small bouts of diarrhea and more fishy leak! I also noted “objects” that look like flat rice and some corn-like remnants. My last corn-on-a-cob was about 10 days ago. So what does these mean? After some googling online, I realized that these “rice like” things could be parts of tapeworms! See their pictures here.

From day 4 onwards, I continue to find more “multi-colored braided stuff”. Could these be really be the “mucoid plaque”? Feel free to google mucoid plaque in google images. I will leave you to do that at an appropriate time, especially when you are not eating or drinking.

From wikipedia, muclold plaque is “allegedly harmful mucus-like material and food residue that coats the gastrointestinal tract of most people.

Do note that some of the mucoid plagues pictures could be simply due to the herbs or cleansing carrier consumed as described in my previous post (“Parasite Cleanse & Detox).

Energy wise, I felt normal. No bout of tiredness or burst of energy like what I read on the internet. Maybe not yet…

I increased Combi (the shake) from 2 scoops to 2.5 scoops to try to combat the diarrhea. On day 5, I felt giddy a few times and felt better after I increased the use of Vibram (pure plant oil).

As for Adam, he started to feel a lot of gas in his stomach. He also noticed oily and glossy output…..hmm…sounds like his overhaul internal cleansing has started! That wraps us our Week 1 – Phase 1 on the Ejuva Cleanse!

Why do I……?

Why do I pick Ejuva Cleanse over so many cleanse kits in the market? Read  “Parasite Cleanse & Detox”.

Why do I decided to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!” 

Do you have parasites in your body? Find out if you have any of the symptoms in “War against Parasites”.

Organic Eve’s Ejuva Cleanse Review: Week 2