Ejuva Review Singapore Week 1

Detox Cleanse Review: My First Week on the Ejuva Cleanse!

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Ejuva Cleanse Review – Phase/Week 1:

Finally back to Singapore!  We are so excited to start the Ejuva cleanse after 2 weeks in China with super greasy food! I could feel the bloating in my stomach and I really can’t wait to clean our systems!

I read through enough of the ejuva manual (40 plus pages!) to get me started. I realized that it is very important that you read the manual before you start the cleanse (Or at least try to complete it in your first week). It contains some important to-dos and not to dos during the cleanse.

What’s in the Ejuva Cleanse Kit and Parasite Cleanse?

The ejuva cleanse kit (4 weeks) is made up of:

* 3 tins with herbal tablets (Renew, Power & Balance)

* 1 bottle of shake (Combi)

* 1 bottle of probiotics (Moflora)

* 1 bottle of pure plant oil and essence (Vibram)

The herbal tablets consist of over 90 European, Chinese and Indian herbs. The Combi share is made up of Pysilium husk, Slippery Elm, Flax seed and Chia seed.

The separately available Para Nix is a 2 weeks parasite cleanse. It is a homeopathic and liquid herb cleanse that destroys most types of parasites including their eggs. It is made up of:

* 1 drop-bottle of Para Mia

 * 1 drop-bottle of Para Go

* 1 bottle of powered citrus enhanced

* 1 bottle of probiotics (Moflora)

I will consume the herbs and probiotics (cleansing kit) over 4 weeks, starting from phase 1 to 4. The parasite cleanse can be used with or without the cleansing kit. The Ejuva cleanse kit is recommended to be used together with the parasite cleanse as the cleanse kit will weaken the parasites for easier subsequent eradication by Para Nix! The Art of War!

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in 3 tins, Balance, Power & Renew

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in 3 tins, Balance, Power & Renew

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in one sitting

Ejuva Cleanse: Herbal Tablets in one sitting

Ejuva Cleanse: Shake containing flax seeds, wildcrafted Psyllium seed husk powder, slippery elm powder and Chia seeds

Ejuva Cleanse: Shake containing flax seeds, wildcrafted Psyllium seed husk powder, slippery elm powder and Chia seeds

Ejuva Cleanse: Probiotic (Moflora) to be added to the shake
Ejuva Cleanse: Probiotic (Moflora) to be added to the shake

Weird Fishy Leak

We eat as per normal in Phase 1, that is, 3 or whatever number of meals you eat normally.

Day 1 was interesting. I had a fishy jelly-like discharge 4 hours after I took my first dose of the herbal tablets. I started with 2 Renew, 4 Power and 4 Balance tables and 2 level scoops of Combi with 3 level scoops of Moflora (the recommended dosage). That is so weird!  It smelled like sardines even though I have not eaten fish for like 5 years! Never mind, it could just be my body reacting the sudden inflow of goodness!

I googled the symptoms and realized like it could also be a sign of internal parasitic infection in the digestive tract or (even Giardiasis!). But seriously, barely half a day of consuming the cleansing herbs?

During my reserach, I found out that there are many copy cat websites that copy good information from other websites and sell products on their own website that are not healthy and even harmful to our bodies.

I went to the bathroom 3 times today. My normal cycle before the cleanse was 2 to 3 times a day.

For omnivorous, try to reduce your meat intake and up vegetables and fruits. As a vegetarian, I try to limit to steam vegetables to not over burden the digestive system. For liquids, I only drink water or fruit juice. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water to facilitate the cleanse. No tea and coffee for me. I’m determined not to sabotage the cleanse!

We have reverted back to our usual diet of brown rice with steamed vegetables and tofu since we came back from our China Trip. All our good old brown rice! Hopefully, it will aid in the cleanse!

On day 2 of the cleanse, I started to witness ‘multi-colored braided stuff’ in the bathroom! Is this what they described as mucloid plague? But not on the second day for sure. I guess it’s just some ‘lost-in-transit’ items that finally saw daylight!

On day 3, I went to the bathroom 4 times. I started to have small bouts of diarrhea and more fishy leak! I also noted “objects” that look like flat rice and some corn-like remnants. My last corn-on-a-cob was about 10 days ago. So what does these mean? After some googling online, I realized that these “rice like” things could be parts of tapeworms! See their pictures here.

From day 4 onwards, I continue to find more “multi-colored braided stuff”. Could these be really be the “mucoid plaque”? Feel free to google mucoid plaque in google images. I will leave you to do that at an appropriate time, especially when you are not eating or drinking.

From wikipedia, muclold plaque is “allegedly harmful mucus-like material and food residue that coats the gastrointestinal tract of most people.

Do note that some of the mucoid plagues pictures could be simply due to the herbs or cleansing carrier consumed as described in my previous post (“Parasite Cleanse & Detox).

Energy wise, I felt normal. No bout of tiredness or burst of energy like what I read on the internet. Maybe not yet…

I increased Combi (the shake) from 2 scoops to 2.5 scoops to try to combat the diarrhea. On day 5, I felt giddy a few times and felt better after I increased the use of Vibram (pure plant oil).

As for Adam, he started to feel a lot of gas in his stomach. He also noticed oily and glossy output…..hmm…sounds like his overhaul internal cleansing has started! That wraps us our Week 1 – Phase 1 on the Ejuva Cleanse!

Why do I……?

Why do I pick Ejuva Cleanse over so many cleanse kits in the market? Read  “Parasite Cleanse & Detox”.

Why do I decided to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!” 

Do you have parasites in your body? Find out if you have any of the symptoms in “War against Parasites”.

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[…] Week 1 was easy as I still get to eat my regular 3 meals plus one cleanse dosage (of 10 to 12 tables and 1 shake). In Week 2, I replaced 1 meal (breakfast) with 1 cleanse dosage. Hence, 2 regular meals (lunch and dinner) plus 2 cleanse dosages in week 2. […]

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