Blastocystic hominis in my body!

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What in the world is blastocystic hominis?

Are you Healthy?

I’m not. My diet consists of 80% organic food. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years. My BMI is 19.8. According to my comprehensive health report, the estimation of my “10-year risk of developing coronary heart disease” is “less than 1%. The lowest risk possible.

But I know I’m not healthy.

A few years ago, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a severe stomachache. It’s the worst stomachache I ever had. No diarrhea and no vomit. I went to see the doctor the next day. My blood test indicated that there might be infection in my body accompanied with low grade fever.

My doctor asked if I was feeling ill and weak. Nope, I have none of that. However, the stool test revealed that I have blastocystic hominis (aka blasto), a microscopic parasite which could be the culprit of my stomachache. (Side track: I remembered carrying my stool sample on my lap on the uptown train to the doctor’s and how weird it felt!)

The doctor prescribed me some general deworming parasite medication. As my usual self, I did some research on them and realized that the drug is on a losing war to end the parasite problem. They can kill some adults parasite but cannot do much to the larvae.

I checked up the symptoms of blastocystic hominis here:

The listed symptoms are:

1. Cravings for sweets foods and carbohydrates
2. Thick white/greenish coating on tongue
3. Depression
4. Inability to concentrate (aka Brain fog)
5. Green stools
6. Undigested foods particles in stool

Among the above symptoms, I for sure have (2) and (6). Could possibly have (1) and (4). (5) has not happened for years.

I left it as that and did nothing till 5 years later when I did another health checkup in Singapore. I guess at the mean time, the blastocystic hominis parasite has a party in my party. Check it out on my next post what I did to try to get rid of it.

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[…] Why do I decided to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!”  […]

[…] Why do I decide to go on a Detox and Parasite Cleanse? Read “Blastocystic Hominis in my Body!”  […]

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