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I have no idea so many of my friends are sick. I don’t mean that they are nursing an illness or lying on the hospital bed. I meant, cervical cysts, polyps, endometriosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatty liver, kidney stones and stroke, even cancer. You name it.

I almost lost one of my best friends on the operating table a few weeks ago. I have another friend who died at 32 years old due to a stroke. Too early. Too young.

Our conversations are no longer about our dreams; dream career, dream husband, dream house. But about how life is short, unpredictable and feeling helpless. We are just in our mid 30s. Still early. Still young.

I refuse to accept that illnesses “strike when they strike”. I think there are always root causes for all ailments and we could always give it our best shot to keep illnesses at bay.

I took a breast cancer brochure once from Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The title was “Breast Cancer Prevention”. Feeling optimistic that “they are finally getting it”, I flipped over the brochure to find out more. To my disappointment, it’s about regular breast self-examinations and mammograms.


This is like asking an obese person to weigh herself more often to prevent obesity. This is not illness “prevention” but illness “detection”.

Do we really want to wait till then for detection or to start preventing the disease in the first place?

My friends and family have health ailments that can be treated; health issues that can be avoided. Organic Eve was started to share health tidbits and information to make a difference. I believe simple changes in our daily lives can reap huge improvements to our health. I believe life is too precious to be sick. And I believe people can influence people around them to live healthier lives.

If it only takes a spark to get it going, may you be that spark.

What is Organic Eve’s Group Buy?

I was flabbergasted by the amount of chemicals and known carcinogens used in most personal care and household products in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

No wonder people are falling sick!

It is hard to find non toxic products and when I find them, the price mark-ups by the retailers are always shocking! Toxins-free products do not have to be expensive. Organic Eve sourced for non toxic products around the world for you and your family; products that are not laden with chemicals. Organic Eve purchase them in bulk, mark them up to cover our costs and pass the savings onto you.

That’s how Organic Eve’s Group Buy got started. We believe everyone should be able to afford non-toxic products.

Organic Eve’s Beliefs

At Organic Eve, we believe that our body is capable of healing itself if we do not over burden it with chemicals and toxins. Yeap, this is Old School we know. We believe in using natural, green and non toxic products. We like to keep it simple.

We analyzed, tested and used the products ourselves before offering them to you. You can be rest assured that if you find it on Organic Eve, it’s good for you and your family.

Simple ingredients. Simple Values.

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