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Radius Totz Toothbrush (Extra Soft) 18 mths

Extra soft non-toxic toothbrush. BPA, latex and phthalate free toothbrush for toddlers above 18 months to 6 year old. Made with 100% vegetable bristles.

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Make toothbrushing fun again. Premium non-toxic toothbrush that you can feel good giving to your toddler with the smiley tooth!

Have the habit of sterilizing your toddler’s toothbursh or rinsing it in hot water? Fret not with this BPA, latex and phthalate free toothbrush. Zero petroleum, zero palm oil and cruelty free toothbrush.

My baby loves this toothbrush, maybe it has something to do with the tapered handle…..anyway, I feel safe letting her use this toothbrush. Brush away, baby girl!

All Radius products are made on low-energy machines in a women-run solar powered facility in Pennsylvania. Radius’ sustainable manufacturing process allows them to reduce the amount of waste they create. Each product is inspected by hand and designed to last.


  • BPA, latex, phthalate free
  • Polish bristles are 100% vegetable-based
  • 100% Recycled PET used
  • Packaging is 40% recycled & printed with vegetable inks
  • Handle is BPA-free #5 plastic


Made in USA.

Why Does BPA-Free Matter?

We strive to make our products as safe and toxin-free as possible, seeking out materials that don’t include any suspect or harmful chemicals, or unnecessary additives.

Like, for example, Bisphenol A (commonly referred to as BPA) — a carbon-based synthetic compound that interferes with your hormones in a detrimental way, and is proven to be particularly damaging to the health of babies and young children.

In other words, BPA isn’t something you want anywhere near your mouth, let alone your child’s. And yet it’s commonly found in hard plastics like those used to produce water bottles, food packaging and even your typical toothbrushes.

We can assure you that RADIUS® products do not contain BPA. Never have. Never will. If you’re in search of a BPA-free toothbrush for you little one, try our Pure Baby®, Totz™, Totz Plus™, or KIDZ­®.

And while we’re on the subject of unnecessary nasties, RADIUS products are also free from latex, phthalate, glutens, and non-FDA-approved colors and dyes.


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